about victimcare

victimcare was founded in 2006 by a small team led by David Hines from South Tyneside.

victimcare is a Community Interest Company aiming to provide facilitation, training and Multi-Agency partnering opportunities to any organisations or individuals seeking to better understand and improve their interests dealing with victims suffering trauma as a result of serious crime.

Together, David and his team have accrued 30 years valuable expertise from helping victims’ family members, friends and surrounding support networks (ranging from work associates to teachers and Criminal Justice System representatives).

victimcare in essence, offers you the amalgamation of David and the teams's’s vast knowledge and experience of victimology related training and facilitation.
Whilst victimcare’s support and expertise is extremely flexible and can match any requirement, this website separates our work into nine distinct areas.

What really makes an effective victims’ welfare service model most effective?

Learnt from researching victimology objectively and subjectively, victimcare’s aim is to pass on this valuable information to any individuals or organisations that support victims ranging from those who have been bereaved through murder and manslaughter or affected by any kind of assault, bullying or similar.

With your participation, together we work hard to ensure that all victims receive appropriate personal help at their time of need. A fundamental objective of our work is that that they can have as much normality as possible returned to their lives as soon as possible and return to their families, the workforce, neighbourhood or community having overcome victimisation.