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Victimisation shatters more than its victims’ life; but a timely and coordinated response from a cohesive Multi-Agency approach enables the victim and community to recover quicker and more comprehensively.

Victimcare is keen to help anybody who has been affected by, who knows someone who has been affected by, or whom in their line of work support those who have been affected by murder and manslaughter.

We understand that Government Bodies, Statutory organisations and Charities can be pulled in all directions.

Ministers, CEO’s, Funders, beneficiaries, trustees, management and staff: each has different perspectives and views about priorities for the future.

Victimcare can help bring your organisation in line with latest UK, EU and UN victim care directives, seamlessly dove-tailing with other like-minded victim care organisations, uniting key stakeholders around a clear vision and practical, achievable plans for making it a reality.

In time, we will create opportunities for the people and organisations we support to meet each other at events around the UK.

Victimcare can offer Russian interpreterting services and management of UK business delegations.

Victimcare also offers Peer Support & Advocacy.

Peer Support is now recognised as the model of providing on-going welfare and care. Peer Support may be defined as the help and support that people with a similar experience pass on to others.

"It [peer support] may be social, emotional or practical support but importantly this support is mutually offered and reciprocal..."

"Though the language of peer support is relatively new in the UK, the practice self-help groups and mutual support has been around for many years. In Canada and the USA, Peer Support in its various forms has been a widely recognised and utilised resource that has been developing since the 1960s. In recent years, there has been an increasing emphasis on the value of peer support in the UK."

People We Work With

Victimcare works with employers, voluntary and statutory victim's groups, charities and non-profit organisations, regional and national police forces, criminal injuries compensation authority and many other statutory agencies.


is a Community Interest Company that provides facilitation, training and Multi-Agency partnering opportunities to any organisations or individuals seeking to better understand and improve their interests dealing with victims suffering trauma as a result of serious crime.

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